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Why BrunoMaster?

BrunoMaster is a software program solution that converts any printed text and PDF, RTF, TXT, files to MP3 audio format and reads the text to the user.

BrunoMaster gives the user a chance to view the scanned text enlarged on the screen and follow along with the audio file (navigation: page, paragraph, sentence, word, letter, etc.).

BrunoMaster has been popular amongst the following groups:

⇒ Blind

⇒ Students with visual impairment, dyslexia or language development issues, to access the printed text in a different (audio) format and improve the learning process

⇒ Seniors, to view the enlarged text and/or listen to the audio file

⇒ Students who convert their reading material to audio files to listen when convenient

Bruno - A reading machine

Function keys

Four function keys provide an easy-to-use operating interface that does not require prior computer skills. In everyday use the tactile identifying labels are clearly and intuitively recognizable, eliminating any confusion for the user.

Commands supported by function keys:

  • batch scanning for dozens of pages to process them during one job session
  • text recognition
  • language/voice change
  • text navigation across a current page and scrolling though the whole document jumping page by page
  • playback speed adjustments
  • mp3 audio file export to HumanWare Victor Reader Stream
  • mp3 audio file export to USB Flash Dive, MP3 Player or Android based smartphone

Unique features

The Leader Amongst Readers

Ease of use

Bruno control panel contains only 4 function keys with unique tactile identifying labels. Depending on your task these buttons reliably serve for everyone, even without prior computer skills. Function keys provide functionality in 2 levels. The first one is for basic tasks - scanning, reading, adjusting speed and basic navigation across the text. The second level consists of key combinations for advanced text navigation across the scanned pages and audio file export.

Flexible language selection

From the very beginning Bruno's software architecture has been built to provide a comfortable procedure and worry-free localization for most of the languages around the World – Lithuanian, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, Russian and many others, of course, besides traditionally requested German, English, French and Spanish. Contact us to request your language edition!

MP3 Export

As soon as scanned pages are processed, the recognized text in mp3 audio file format you can save to any Windows compatible USB 2.0/3.0 removable media (USB Flash Drives, MP3 Players, Android based smartphones).

External cross compatibility

Bruno is the only device, providing compatibility with the famous handheld media player HumanWare Victor Reader Stream. A direct export of an mp3 audio into the file system of this popular player has never been so easy.

Patented hardware solution

Bruno is the only reading machine, featuring patent pending SEE™ (Shadow Elimination Element) Technology. SEE™ technology provides distortion and shadow free images within 2mm of the book spine. It resolves the challenges that appear when scanning soft bound paperback books.
Everyone agrees, that better scanned image quality leads to higher text recognition accuracy. Bruno serves for reading, not guessing!

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